Parent assisted learning for preschoolers

Parent Assisted Learning- A new concept for the new circumstances

Coronavirus hit the world at the onset of 2020, and the world is grappling to find solutions for various situations. The government is giving directives and guidelines to multiple sectors, and we all are trying to stay afloat in this uncertain, relentless storm of the new virus. The education sector is also at the forefront. Uncertainty prevails there too. No one knows when schools will reopen. Debates about digital learning are going on endlessly.

While some middle and high school children have started their new sessions online and chose a way to keep learning, our little preschoolers are last on everyone’s priority list. Some preschools are waiting to reopen for the virus to go away while others ask the little ones to come online and do their tasks, activities, and worksheets. Formal school education in the current scenario is genuinely a challenging situation. While we cannot enough emphasize early education and make the most brain development in the first few years, it is unfair to glue them to a screen. Activity-based learning takes a back seat, and new problems of digitization arise. 

After much thought, and after discussion with preschoolers’ parents, I feel parent-assisted learning is perhaps the solution that we parents and educators need! 

Here is a snapshot of the concept:

A weekly meeting will be held online with the parents. Parents will get weekly content, and they will have to administer the structured learning activities at least thrice a week. Parents will also get training for teaching methodology and administration of the curriculum. This weekly schedule will continue until the schools are safe to reopen.

Following are the advantages of parent assisted learning:

  1. Parents do not have to worry about what to teach, as content ( in the form of book pages, worksheets, activities, etc. ) gets discussed a week ahead.
  2. Children maintain a routine and are engaged in regular studies.
  3. Parents get to interact with children in a more meaningful manner and contribute to their child’s education despite the unfavorable social conditions.
  4. Parents can assist the learning according to their convenience.
  5. Once the schools reopen, we can start our regular classes.
  6. Reduced fees for the online parent training module.
  7. With online training, there is no location restriction. You can join in from wherever you are!

Parents, why wait? Do not waste any more time and let the learning begin NOW!!

Sonal Fuke

Author is founder Director of Toddler Creed Preschool

For more information call 9881761437

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